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5 Proven Methods an E-Commerce Store Can Use to Increase Product Demand

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

E-commerce is a growing industry that covers everything from the giants like Amazon to the smaller niche stores run by solo entrepreneurs. It is possible to build a profitable store when you can work out your profit margins and successfully drive traffic to product pages.

One of the crucial elements, though, is the ability to increase revenue from each store visitor. You want a high level of product demand so that you can invest more income back into traffic generation. So how can you consistently increase the demand for products in your store?

1. Seasonal Sales

Seasonal sales lead to high consumer demand for all types of products. Many people wait until a seasonal sale is launched to make purchases, with the expectation of a good deal. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday are a few examples of promotional periods that bring customers to your store. If the offers are enticing enough, you should have no problem converting sales.

2. Time-Sensitive Sales

Similar to a seasonal promotion, a time-sensitive sale can grow demand and help with conversion rates. This type of sale could be used to offer discounts on existing products. You can, however, also use it for limited edition product launches. The time-sensitive nature of the promotion forces interested consumers into looking closely at the product and the deal, making a quick decision as they know the offer is going away.

3. Customer Reviews

Consumers are aware that attractive images and compelling advertising copy can deceive them. Several positive reviews, though, can easily sway their opinion. Real users offering their views can help solidify feelings about a product. Even if there are mixed feelings, the existence of the reviews will help people to come to a buying decision. Product pages without any reviews can lead to consumers abandoning the page, often not feeling they have enough information.

4. Enhanced Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are an element on a sales page often lacking optimization. Listing some features will not be enough to convince the many consumers who are only just becoming acquainted with a product. An enhanced description, though, can feature high-quality images, product demonstration videos, benefits of using an item, and testimonials.

5. Live Chat Options

A quality product page will be enough to secure many sales, but there will be other users who need more information. A live chat tool, such as Drift, can help grow demand by providing immediate information to your visitors. The chat facility will also show that your business is open to speaking with customers, delivering a high level of customer support. You can reduce the need for constant monitoring by introducing automation, with a chatbot answering the most common questions.



E-commerce has become a competitive industry, partly due to many of the processes getting simplified. You can set up a new store and use a dropshipping model without too much difficulty. Trying to secure sales is still a tricky proposition, though, with consumers needing to be persuaded.

Using a number of these methods can ensure your products stay in demand throughout the year. With a quick turnover of your inventory, you will be free to invest back into advertising and marketing, helping your store to grow to a new level.


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